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Bramwell 2009

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Bramwell 2009 Mission Trip

Bramwell, West Virginia:  July 2009

Bramwell is an Appalachian mountain town in West Virginia.  An old coal mine area, once populated by the "Bramwell Millionaires" ( the actual name given to the students of Bramwell High School whose families owned the mines), this area is largely impoverished now.  We went to help out 5 families whose homes were in serious disrepair and several who had no running water or food.  There were missing floors, windows and porches, and there were empty refrigerators. 

Despite their poverty, we saw a surprising amount of strength and loyalty in their families.  Though drug abuse is common, many are just caught in a cycle of despair due to lack of proper education and circumstances.  We made many friends on this trip and got lots of work done.  All of the families came out with us on a shopping trip for the things they needed most, they came out to lunch and dinner with us, and had their homes repaired.  May God bless these wonderful people.   Please keep them in your prayers. 

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