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Belize 2007

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Belize 2007 Mission Trip

Ladyville, Belize, Central America :  July 2007

From July 15-22, 2007 our Erin ’s Gift Team went to Ladyville , Belize to build a new church in this extremely poor area of Central America . Mixing, carrying and pouring cement by hand to form walls and support for the roof of the church required patience, strength and endurance in the blistering heat. This team really pulled together so unselfishly and completed the job they set out to do by the end of the week.
Others taught Vacation Bible School and ran recreational activities at the local “Community Center”. We also had the opportunity to visit the orphanage in Belize
City on 2 separate days. The children of Ladyville were so excited to have all of our teens paying so much attention to them. As the week went on the number of local kids attending V.B.S. reached 60. One of the children, Kevin, had a serious eye infection which was detected by one of our team members. She was able to get him medical attention which the specialist said saved him from going blind.
What a great job everyone did, but best of all was what we all brought home with us. We became a family on this trip, putting aside our normal lives to love people we had never met and serve them the best we could for one week. What an awesome experience!

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